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What is WLR3?

Strategic ImperativesThe Equivalence Management Platform
The Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) is a key milestone for the UK fixed telecoms market as the primary response by BT to the regulatory aims of equivalence allowing all CPs to compete on equal basis to BT Retail. It is one of the largest IT projects undertaken by BT and represents a significant investment in new architecture, processes and product delivery.

EMP went live in the early part of 2006 to initially support LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) CPs with support for WLR following soon after in April 2007.

Strategic Imperatives is the only EMP (WLR3) solutions provider who has been involved with both WLR and LLU. Our software already provisions over 90%* of all none BT WLR3 orders on the EMP platform and we are one of the few TPIs involved in day one delivery of WLR3.

* January 2010

Strategic ImperativesWLR3
WLR3 is an Openreach PSTN voice Communications Provider product, which enables CPs to offer their own branded telephony service directly to their customers using the Openreach network.

WLR3 development has taken a process-led approach with a view to designing out heavily manual processes in WLR2 and maximising the efficiency and degree of automation of the product, in order to improve overall customer experience.

WLR3 will bring to you and ultimately your customers, equivalence, better availability and a more effective and efficient system.

Strategic ImperativesKey dates for WLR2 withdrawal

30 November 2009 - Openreach will no longer accept new CP's onto the WLR2 platform.

31 March 2011 - Openreach will no longer accept new orders via the WLR2 Service Provider Gateway.

30 June 2011 - Openreach will no longer provide access to the Service Provider Gateway.


More Effective

  • Upfront access to line characteristics, appointments, line diagnostics and address matching through dialogue services
  • Opens up new revenue channels not available on WLR2
  • Proactive notification of order progress
  • Simplified access to network information
  • Reduced order rejection rates
  • No requirement to input ongoing forecasting into systems
  • Enables end-user "Zero Touch" order placement


  • Equal access to provisioning and assurance systems
  • No 'internal' BT workarounds
  • Consistent interface and process across Openreach order handling

Enterprise Quality of Service

  • Greater throughput through B2B Gateway
  • Single interface for fulfilment and assurance, using common specification
  • High degree of automation

Strategic Imperatives